Thursday, 23 July 2009

New Chapter, New Blog.

As my ever-growing collection of notebooks shows, I'm a firm believer of the 'new beginning, new page' principle; and this is a new beginning for so many reasons: I've graduated (after 3 unbelievable years in an ancient and beautiful university), am home for the summer possibly for the last time, have been sufficiently distracted from commitment phobia by the Boy to have just celebrated a one year anniversary, and have decided once and for all that I Will Write, among many others.

This blog is primarily for myself; I generally have a million and one projects I wish I could do, and I want to put them all down into written concreteness, as much as text in cyberspace is concrete/written. There'll also be a page of poems/observations - not all my own, but hopefully a fair number. Photographs are unlikely to turn up, since it'll be an unecessary doubling of what FB already does so well, so hopefully this doesn't take the millenia that the other blogs did to load.

That's it for the first post then, I suppose. Here goes nothing.